Change core refill

Environmetally friendly and economical
Please use replaceable core refills.

The inner core of SUSTEE is made of natural fibers and can be consumed by microorganisms.
The state of the soil is a factor, but it can be said that the core has to be replaced when it stops turning blue after watering (approximately after 6-9 months).


Changing the core is done in two steps.
It is easy and can be done by anyone.

Pull SUSTEE from the pot and follow the instructions below.
If dirt has accumulated in SUSTEE clean it before you insert a new core.


 ・Make sure you replace all components in a single operation: Inner core, blue sheet and straw. It is rare but possible that the straw is left behind inside the main unit. If this happens, simply remove it with a pair of tweezers. ・Remove the top screw cap and look inside to make sure none of the used core material is left behind. ・Keep the refill in the inner bag of the product package until just before use. Once taken out of the bag, the refill's core material may discolor. *Discoloration won't, however, affect the refill's quality and effect. *This product will indicate the right time for watering your plants, but without guarantee. Please use our product as an orientation to find out when to water your plants. *Please make sure that your baby or toddler don't put SUSTEE in their mouth.


You can purchase replaceable core refills here.